Image from Smith and Nephew

Image from Smith and Nephew

Vision Correction - Laser, Lasik/Lasek, and more....

Whether you choose to change your life through laser vision correction, want freedom from reading glasses, or want the most advanced lens implant when you have cataract surgery , great results and safety should be at the forefront of your mind.

If you're looking for eye surgery in London you need to be sure that you receive the best standards of care and benefit from the skills of an experienced Consultant Eye Surgeon. Surgery today should take into account your visual needs now and for the future.


Your Eyes

.....are precious and unique

They change throughout your lifetime. Your vision and visual needs will be different in 10 years time to what they are today. Luckily medicine and technology are evolving and advancing to meet this need and solutions exist for every visual challenge that you'll encounter throughout your life. The best treatment for you depends on your age and activities. Mr Angunawela offers a bespoke approach to your eye care that takes into account what will serve you best now and for years to come.


About your eye surgeon

Mr Angunawela BM, MD, FRCOPhth, FRCS, is a Consultant Eye Surgeon at Moorfields Eye Hospital in London where he is a specialist in cornea and lens surgery. Mr Angunawela is a fellowship trained eye surgeon and performs a comprehensive range of surgeries including small incision cataract surgery, multifocal lens surgery and laser eye surgery including LASIK, LASEK and PRK,  Visian ICL surgery and complex corneal transplantation.  Due to his experience  he is able to offer a choice of treatments that serve the patient best.

Mr Angunawela is a NHS Consultant at Moorfields Eye Hospital, which is over 200 years old and is recognised as a centre of excellence and one of the leading eye hospitals in the world.

He can be consulted privately at Moorfields Eye Hospital. 


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