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Still trying to decide which laser surgery clinic to choose?

Here are 10 things to consider

1. Exceptionally trained eye surgeons 


Mr Romesh Angunawela and Ms Laura de Benito-Llopis are Consultant Eye Surgeons specialising in corneal transplant and laser eye surgery at Moorfields Eye Hospital. Both completed higher doctorate degrees in research into healing after laser eye surgery and are experts in their field. They perform LASIK, LASEK and TransPRK laser eye surgeries. 

This is a surgeon led clinic and you'll see your surgeon at every visit from your first to last consultation.


 Read testimonials at, on our site and on TrustPilot

2. The best laser eye surgery technology

Moorfields Eye Hospital is a flagship centre for the latest laser technologies and we are often privileged to have access to the latest technologies first. Our lasers are the Intralase IFS 150 femtosecond laser, the Schwind Amaris 1050RS  laser with Smartpulse, Schwind Peramis and Visx Idesign scanners - allowing us to perform state of the art LASIK and TransPRK/LASEK laser eye surgery in London. Uniquely, unlike many clinics, we upgrade our lasers every 3 years to ensure that we always offer the most technologically advanced laser eye surgery. 

3. One cost for all laser eye surgery and all treatable prescriptions including astigmatism

Laser eye surgery costs £4470 for both eyes including further treatment if needed over a 2 year period and all follow up appointments. There are no hidden fees. We don't have confusing tiered pricing or use up selling for 'complex' prescriptions or to entice people to the clinic. We have one price for all patients regardless of your prescription or level of astigmatism, and only perform the most technologically advanced treatment - Wavefront Intra-LASIK/LASEK or transPRK. Whats the point of offering anything but the safest and best?! For further detailed information about what is included follow the link.

We have an interest free credit option for laser eye surgery which can help manage the cost of treatment (offered through V12 Finance, credit checks apply)

4. Safest laser eye surgery! 

All surgery carries a low risk of complications. Over the last 7 years we have not had any patient lose vision due to laser eye surgery. Over the same period none of our patients has developed an infection.

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Unlike some clinics, we don't just offer laser eye surgery. The fact is that not everyone is suitable to have laser eye surgery and some people may get better results with a different technique or shouldn't have surgery at all. The ability to offer alternatives to laser eye surgery means that we don't have to push the safety limits of laser eye surgery. We also offer the VIsian ICL for very high levels of short sight and permanent lens replacement surgery with multifocal lens implants for people over 50 who want unaided reading and distance vision. This means that you'll be presented with the pros and cons of the various options available for your particular case, rather than just being offered laser eye surgery. Your care remains the responsibility of  Mr Angunawela and Ms de Benito at every visit.


5. The fastest, most accurate laser eye surgery

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The IFS 150 and the Schwind Amaris 1050RS are the fastest lasers available. The IFS 150 makes a LASIK flap in just 14 seconds, whilst the Amaris corrects even high levels of short or long sight in a matter of seconds. 

Subtle eye movements occur without your knowledge and when you breath. The 7 dimensional eye tracker on the Schwind Amaris 1050RS has the most advanced eye tracker and measures your eye position over a 1000 times each second. It can adjust the laser path in one three thousands of a second to compensate for even the most subtle movement. It even predicts where your eye will move to next. Amazing technology!

6. Laser eye surgery corrects astigmatism

Astigmatism treatment during  laser eye surgery with the Schwind Amaris laser is highly accurate and compensates for rotation of the eye that occurs as the patient lies down, accurately delivering laser pulses on the axis of astigmatism by using state-of-the-art iris registration technology.

Modern LASIK and LASEK can treat upto -10 of shortsight/myopia, +6 of longsight/hyperopia and 5 dioptres of astigmatism


7. Pioneering no touch laser eye surgery in London

Nervous about LASIK laser eye surgery? We have pioneered TransPRK no touch surface laser eye surgery in London. TransPRK is an alternative to LASEK and is only available with the Schwind Amaris laser. No instruments touch the eye during this procedure. No touch, no flap, but the same great  results as LASIK.

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8. Excellent laser eye surgery results

20:20 or better vision. We are governed by Care Quality Commission standards for clinical governance and regularly audit our results to ensure that our patients get the safest and best possible standard of care. Read our testimonials.


9. The leading eye hospital in the world

Moorfields Eye Hospital is over 200 years old and is one of the leading eye hospital in the world. We are the biggest eye hospital in Europe and have an international reputation for innovation and excellence in healthcare.  The hospital offers a wealth of expertise and experience.

Moorfields Private

Lasik laser eye surgery has been performed at Moorfields in London since 1992. Moorfields has a world renowned reputation and it is no coincidence that patients seek our help when things go wrong elsewhere. 

Hospital profits are invested directly into Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Trust.


10. A 2 year peace of mind guarantee for laser eye surgery

Laser eye surgery with Mr Angunawela or Ms de Benito at Moorfields Eye Hospital comes with a 2 year peace of mind guarantee. You will not need to pay again for any appointments or enhancement surgery for a 2 year period after your laser eye surgery. You will not be discharged and we positively encourage you to get in touch if you have any concerns or problems. We've built our reputation on patient care and we take this very seriously. In addition, you will always be seen by your surgeon at every visit. They are personally responsible for your care. Giving you the reassurance that you're receiving the best possible standard of care.