HRH Princess Michael of Kent makes eye surgery look fashionable!

With typical panache HRH Princess Michael was pictured on the front cover of the Times with a pirates eye patch covering one eye and the papers speculating that she might have had cataract surgery. Most patients having cataract surgery don't require a patch after their surgery and simply wear a plastic shield at night to protect the eye whilst they sleep. The latest techniques of cataract surgery are performed by femtosecond laser through tiny incisions that heal rapidly. With the advanced lenses, patient's vision is often the best it has ever been. Multifocal lenses also give patients great distance and near vision with minimal need for glasses. Returning to Princess Michael, one suspects that her eye may have been sensitive to the bright sunlight that day and that with typical flare she chose a elegant patch rather than wear sunglasses. Looking this good, we'll have everyone wanting lens surgery now!

Posted on June 1, 2015 .