Lasik laser eye surgery for long sight - what to expect

If you're long sighted you may typically need glasses to see up close and depending on your age and degree of long sight you may even need glasses for distance vision as well. LASIK for long sight (hyperopia) is effective but the treatable range of prescriptions is less than for short sight (myopia). Modern lasers can treat up to 5 dioptres of hyperopia. You should however be aware that more than one treatment may be required to correct your prescription, and that you may still have some residual long sight even after this (although it is likely to be significantly better than before the treatment).
As the eye heals after LASIK it attempts to restore its pre-operative shape. This results in a return of some of the eye's pre-operative prescription. This phenomenon is called regression. Regression is more common with long-sighted laser treatments and hence the laser compensates for this by over correcting the eye toward a low level of myopia. Because of this patients may find that their distance vision is not initially clear as they had hoped. In fact if you are in your 40s and have been wearing glasses for distance and near, you may suddenly find that your near vision is suddenly very clear (because you'll be slightly myopic). This initial over correction doesn't last as some regression occurs and the prescription corrects back toward zero. Hence distance vision typically improves over time. Your prescription should be fairly stable at 3-6 months. As regression is more common with hyperopia treatments compared to myopic treatments there is also a higher chance you will need a enhancement procedure to fine tune your treatment.

Posted on November 17, 2013 .