Laser eye surgery fit for war!

Did you know that the US military has been performing laser eye surgery on frontline personnel for over a decade?

However, it's not LASIK, but LASEK and PRK that is performed on military personnel likely to see active war zone duty. Many large studies have shown that surface procedures such as LASEK and PRK give the same excellent visual results as the more popular LASIK procedure.

So why not LASIK if your a elite Navy SEAL? The first step of LASIK involves making a precise flap in the cornea, which allows the vision correction laser to be applied beneath the flap. If you're in a profession where you're likely to suffer facial trauma (as in a war zone) this flap can be dislodged resulting in temporary loss of vision. Clearly, not ideal if you're in the middle of a gun battle! Surface procedures such as LASEK and PRK don't have a flap. The laser is applied directly onto the surface of the eye, which then heals over.

If you're in the military, police, or like full contact or extreme sports, your doctor may recommend LASEK or PRK rather than LASIK. You can be reassured that these procedures have been tested in some of the toughest theatres of war around the world.

LASEK and PRK also disturbs less corneal tissue than LASIK and your doctor may recommend this of you have thin corneas. The results are exellent with all these techniques.

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Posted on March 29, 2013 and filed under LASEK, LASIK.