Cowboys and Pit Crews: What does it take to be a top eye surgeon?

During surgery safety is the most important thing on a surgeons mind . Years of training and thousands of operations fine tune the surgeon's instincts to minimise risk at every step of an operation. Medicine and technology are becoming ever more sophisticated. So what does it take to deliver state-of-the-art eye surgery? The answer is, team work. Every person you meet during your journey from consultation to surgery contributes to the results and outcome of your operation. From the optometrist who checks your glasses prescription and scans your eyes, the medical physicist that measures your intraocular lens power, the scrub nurse that passes instruments during surgery, to the nurse that holds your hand when your nervous, cutting edge eye surgery isn't just about the surgeon, its about the team. The right team with the right combination of expertise makes all the difference. Team work and check lists.

To read more about making medicine safer look at this great piece from the NewYorker .

Or watch the TED talk below by Professor Atul Gawande of Harvard University who's research into using checklists at the beginning of surgery has led to a significant improvement in surgical safety. 

Posted on May 27, 2013 .