What do LASIK laser vision correction and the stars have in common?

The light from distant stars is distorted and bent as it travels through space to reach us on earth. Astronomers use a technology called wavefront analysis to measure and compensate for these changes in the light path as it travels through the universe to allow them to see the stars in their undistorted true form. This technology is now used during laser eye surgery to detect any aberrations or distortions in the optical system of the eye. These measurements go beyond a simple vision correction based on your glasses to refine and optimise the optics of the eye. Wavefront guided and wavefront optimised custom LASIK/LASEK laser vision correction gives the best possible quality of vision by attempting to correct all aberration within the visual system. 

Scientific discovery is far reaching and mans quest to understand the heavens means that laser vision surgery is better than ever before. 

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Posted on June 17, 2013 and filed under LASIK, LASEK.