Protests for regulating LASIK laser vision correction

We've had some great reviews after LASIK laser eye surgery recently. Laser eye surgery is safe and successful as long as the appropriate procedure is performed on the appropriate patient. Like any surgery, there is a healing period after LASIK and LASEK. It is normal for vision to fluctuate during this time and some patients may develop temporary dryness. Patients can naturally become anxious during this time as they have often been led to believe by popular media that laser eye surgery is a quick procedure after which ones vision is instantly better. In fact safe and effective LASIK laser eye surgery isn't just about the surgery, its about being there for your patient before and after the surgery. 

Recent protests for better regulation of the LASIK industry highlight the importance of choosing a surgeon over a faceless high volume company. Your surgeon should be responsible for your care from the first consultation to the last. Prices may be higher, but ultimately your eyes are precious!

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Posted on August 4, 2013 .