Final chance to present your views to the Competition Commission enquiry into the practices of BUPA and other PMIs

The business model of private medical insurers (PMI) in the UK is no longer viable. A growing aged population and rising costs of health care, medicine and technology have put the PMIs under increasing financial pressure. Unfortunately PMIs have responded by placing discriminatory restrictions on doctors and by channeling patients to commercial clinics with which they have volume and cost based contractual agreements. The practices of PMIs have far reaching negative consequences on the independence of doctors in their practice and ultimately on patients in terms of choice and quality. 

The Competition Commission have recently published their interim report into the practices of PMIs. There is now the opportunity to present any additional information to the Commission before final conclusions and reccomendations are drawn. If you are a patient or medical practitioner that want your voice to be heard and have strong views on the future of healthcare in the UK, you have until the 20th of September to present these views.

The CC may be approached through their coordinators

Ms Julie Hawes

Ms Christiane Kent

If you don't want the UK's healthcare system to be transformed into something like the United States speak now or for ever be silent!

Posted on September 16, 2013 .