What do patients feel during transPRK #lasereyesurgery?

Absolutely nothing!

TransPRK is an advanced no-touch surface laser technique for the correction of short and long sight. Other surface techniques include LASEK, epiLASEK and traditional PRK. All of these techniques need the epithelium of the cornea (its most superficial layer) to be removed manually before the laser treatment is applied. This is usually achieved by exposing the cornea to a week solution of alcohol to loosen the epithelium, which is then gently scraped off. 

With transPRK the epithelial layer is removed by the excimer laser at the same time as the correction of short or long sight is performed. A patient having transPRK is simply asked to lie under the laser, the lids are held open and the patient is asked to look at a flashing light to maintain fixation. The laser is then focused onto the eye and the treatment begins. The patient feels absolutely nothing during the laser correction and at the end of the treatment a bandage contact lens is placed over the cornea to protect the surface whilst it heals.

TransPRK is a truly revolutionary no-touch laser technique and achieves the same results as LASIK. Its ideal for nervous patients who wouldn't tolerate the additional manipulation required for LASIK.

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Posted on March 2, 2014 .