Artificial iris for traumatic iris pupil damage

Iris damage
artificial iris

Artificial iris technologies to repair aniridia or traumatic iris damage has evolved significantly. Current technologies such as the Human Optics artificial iris can be colour matched to the patient's eye. These are the before and after images of a recent case treated by Mr Angunawela. The patient's eye was damaged by a cricket ball causing severe iris and pupil disruption with a cataract. The Human Optics artificial iris was colour matched to the patient's healthy eye. The cosmetic result is a significant improvement.

* Please note that it is necessary to combine the procedure in phakic eyes with lens removal and lens implantation, even if no cataract is apparent. 

** This type of artificial iris is not intended simply for cosmetic use. Mr Angunawela does not perform cosmetic eye colour changing surgery. Please do not contact the clinic for cosmetic only surgery. Devices such as the BrightOcular cosmetic iris implant are not available or recommended within the EU or USA.

Posted on December 25, 2016 .