Free consultations for laser eye surgery

How is it that some clinics offer free consultations for laser eye surgery whilst others dont? The simple rule that you get what you pay for applies to laser eye surgery as it does to other aspects of life. Clinics that offer free consultations do so through cutting costs by employing opticians rather than eye surgeons to assess potential patients for surgery, with those undergoing surgery meeting their surgeon once and only on the day of surgery. Opticians play an important role in eye care, but when it comes to surgery in your eyes a trained eye surgeon is the best person to assess you for laser eye surgery or any other sort of eye surgery including cataract surgery or multifocal lens surgery.

The best standard of care is to see your eye surgeon at your first consultation and at every visit from surgery to post-operative care. Your surgeon should personally examine your eyes, explain the available options personal to your eyes, potential issues and should answer any questions that you have. You should also have time to ask questions from your surgeon and should not feel under pressure to have surgery because of some last minute discount offer that might be ending soon.

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Posted on December 7, 2016 .