Surgery by a specialist consultant eye surgeon at Moorfields Eye Hospital



State-of-the-art femtosecond laser cataract surgery - the most advanced, most precise, safest form of cataract surgery . When combined with the latest premium lens technologies, gives the patient the best possible vision. 


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Advanced laser cataract surgery

Advanced laser cataract surgery

Latest lens technology

Latest lens technology

‘’... importantly I can now read and see without glasses. The result was almost immediate.
Thank you for enhancing my quality of life.’’

It's Vision Surgery!

Refractive lens exchange/Cataract surgery has evolved from simple removal of a lens/cataract to restoration of best possible vision for the patient. With premium multifocal lenses this can mean distance and reading vision with minimal need for glasses and correction of astigmatism. 'Vision surgery' requires the expertise of a surgeon that performs vision correction surgery including laser eye surgery to achieve best possible vision.


Femtosecond laser lens/cataract surgery - Unparalleled precision and safety

laser cataract surgery moorfields private London

The latest live 3D imaging guided laser allows the painless, precision surgery that allows many stages of the cataract surgery to be completed with unparalleled accuracy by the laser programmed by the surgeon. The repeatable precision of the laser makes cataract surgery safer and more predictable than ever before.

The latest, most advanced lenses

Mr Angunawela uses the latest lenses for monofocal and multifocal vision. These include the FineVision Trifocal lens, Zeiss Toric Trifocal lens to correct astigmatism and the AMO Symfony lens.


                                   Advanced lens technology 

Private Lens/Cataract Surgery at Moorfields Eye Hospital with Mr Angunawela

At Moorfields Private Eye Hospital  you have access to the most advanced technology for your cataract surgery. This includes state of the art femtosecond laser cataract surgery and and phacoemulsification technology. You will also have the choice of the most advanced lenses including multifocal, toric and monofocal lenses.

Mr Angunawela is a Consultant Eye Surgeon at Moorfields Eye Hospital where he specialises in corneal transplant, cataract, lens and laser eye surgery. As an experienced surgeon he has performed thousands of procedures and is able to offer a comprehensive approach to the outcome of your surgery to deliver excellent results. His complication rate is 0.37% - well below the national average of 1.9% (ranging up to 8% in some studies).

Having your cataract surgery privately at Moorfields Eye Hospital gives you the peace of mind that your surgery will be carried out by a fully qualified Consultant Eye Surgeon and Consultant Anaesthetist at the world's leading eye hospital, giving you the best chance of having an excellent result.

Why have private cataract surgery?

The NHS does a fantastic job at providing cataract surgery to the general population, so why have private cataract surgery?. The main advantage of private cataract surgery is that you will have your eye surgery performed by a consultant eye surgeon of your choice, giving you the reassurance that your eyes are in experienced hands, meaning that you'll get the best possible outcome with the lowest possible risk.

Private cataract surgery also gives the patient far greater choice in terms of cutting edge surgical and lens technology including femtosecond laser cataract surgery, the possibility of having a toric lens to eliminate astigmatism or a multifocal lens to give you greater independence from glasses. For patients demanding perfection cataract surgery can also be combined with laser eye surgery to eliminate the need for distance vision glasses completely.

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