Refractive lens exchange surgery

Clear lens extraction (CLE)  or refractive lens exchange surgery (RLE) is a type of surgery performed to treat patients with reading vision difficulty. The surgery is exactly the same as cataract surgery in terms of technique, but is performed before the formation of cataract (hence CLE), when the lens begins to stiffen with age and becomes presbyopic. The technologies and techniques of cataract surgery are safe, sophisticated, and well established, as tens of millions of patients have had cataract surgery around the world. The purpose of lens exchange in a presbyopic patient is that it allows a trifocal or extended depth of focus (Symfony lens or AT-LARA ) intraocular lens to be placed within the eye. This allows the patient to be largely independent of spectacles for near and distance vision. 

An added advantage of lens exchange surgery is that you won't develop a cataract later in life. Speak to your surgeon about whether lens exchange is an option for you.