Corneal Transplantation For Patients WIth Keratoconus

Some patients with advanced keratoconus may benefit from a corneal transplant. During a corneal transplant the abnormal bulging or scarred tissue from the patient's eye is removed and replaced with healthy clear donor tissue. Keratoconus patients that benefit from corneal transplants usually have advanced keratoconus with very steep corneas where stable contact lens fitting is difficult or impossible. Other patients may simply find contact lens wear intolerable. In some a sudden split in the cornea (hydrops) can result in a permanent scar and sudden loss of vision. 

To understand more about corneal transplants please read the section on transplants on this website. In general young patients with keratoconus that require a transplant benefit from a layered/ lamellar transplant. This is a technically more demanding surgery which only some trained surgeons perform. The advantage of lamellar transplantation is that there is significantly lower risk of subsequent graft rejection.