Next generation keratoconus treatments by consultant eye surgeons at Moorfields Private Eye Hospital


Next generation corneal collagen crosslinking

The clinic is the first in the UK to offer customised rapid cross-linking with the latest generation Avedro Mosaic UVA delivery system allowing unrivalled specific cross-linking treatments. Hi fluence specific treatment to the weakest part of cornea results in improved overall corneal shape and vision compared to conventional treatments.


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Avedro Mosaic PIXL 

The most advanced corneal collagen cross-linking with active eye tracking and vision correction


Consultant led treatments for keratoconus

Epithelium off corneal collagen cross-linking is an effective treatment that stops keratoconus from getting worse. The clinic offers the latest Avedro Mosaic rapid cross-linking with PIXL and active eye tracking that allows vision to also be improved. All cross-linking treatments are combined with topography guided excimer laser PTK surgery using the Schwind Amaris 1050RS laser, which is used to improve the shape of cornea whilst precisely and gently removing the epithelial layer. The clinic also offers the latest Keraring/Intac intrastromal ring implants with Intralase for patients who have poor vision and who don't tolerate contact lenses. Mr Angunawela and Ms De Benito are consultant surgeons and perform lamellar corneal transplants (DALK) for keratoconus where necessary. Access to specialist contact lens fitting including kerasoft, Rose K, hybrid, mini-scleral and scleral contact lenses are offered to complement the comprehensive management of keratoconus encompassing prevention and visual rehabilitation.

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Visual problems with keratoconus can include distortion and ghosting 

Visual problems with keratoconus can include distortion and ghosting 


Visit the National Keratoconus Foundation for further information