Laser Eye Surgery Cost

Initial consultation to assess if you are suitable for laser surgery costs £200 

£ 4470 for both eyes LASIK/LASEK/Blended Mono-Vision and Astigmatism Correction


  • One to one care from your consultant surgeon at all visits


  • All appointments for 2 years from the time of surgery


  • LASIK, LASEK and TransPRK for any level of treatable short or long-sight, blended mono-vision and astigmatism correction


  • Immediate post-operative medications


  • Complete pre-operative assessment by a Specialist Optometrist and Consultant Eye Surgeon using state of the art scanning technology


  • You will be seen by the same Consultant Eye Surgeon (Mr Angunawela) at every visit


  • Femtosecond bladeless LASIK and wavefront guided as standard


  • State of the art laser technology at Moorfields Eye Hospital


  • Enhancement surgery if required for 2 years from the time of surgery


  • No charge for as many follow ups as you require for 2 years from the time of surgery


  • The expertise of a leading eye surgeon and one of the most trusted eye hospitals






Why are we more expensive than the high street?

The simple maxim, 'you get what you pay for' applies to eye surgery as it does to anything you buy. Read our '10 reasons to consider when choosing your laser eye clinic'.

The Which report on laser eye surgery recommends Moorfields Eye Hospital. Unlike many high street clinics that offer cut price laser eye surgery or Groupon vouchers and then tell you that the advertised price is for a low correction with a microkeratome and then up sell on intralasik and wavefront treatments, we only offer the best, safest laser eye surgery at one clear price to everyone. At a highstreet clinic you may only meet your surgeon on the day of surgery, never to see them again. At Moorfields you'll be seen from your first visit and at every visit by your surgeon (Mr Angunawela) who takes personal responsibility for your care.

Mr Angunawela is a Consultant Eye Surgeon at Moorfields specialising in complex corneal surgery and has a completed higher research (doctorate) and several specialist fellowships in corneal and laser eye surgery. He has been awarded multiple national and international awards. It is unlikely that the person you see on the high street will have a similar level of experience. Unlike a high street clinic, Moorfields is one of the leading eye hospitals in the world. It has been trusted by patients for over 200 years. Attending Moorfields Eye Hospital will give you access to cutting edge technology and dedicated professional staff at all levels. 

When you're having any sort of surgery you need the peace of mind that in the rare instance that something does go wrong, you'll be in the best hands and best place to manage those complications. It's no coincidence that most clinics refer their complications to Moorfields.

Your eyes are precious and Mr Angunawela at Moorfields Eye Hospital offers you the peace of mind that you're receiving the best possible standard of care.

The choice is pretty simple.