LASIK With Mono Vision or Blended Vision

LASIK mono-vision or blended vision are treatment strategies that aim to leave the patient's non-dominant eye treated for near/intermediate vision whilst fully correcting the dominant eye for distance vision. You may have already tried this with contact lenses or with glasses. This strategy works well for people who are in their late 40s or 50s and are beginning to have difficulty with their reading vision. By leaving one eye more focused for near/intermediate vision it gives the patient greater functional day to day vision with less need for reading glasses. A person who has a mono-vision treatment would be expected to be able to go to supermarket and read the packaging on an item, read their watch or smart phone and see the instruments in their car without glasses. They may also be able to read small print or something up close depending on their age. As presbyopia progresses with age, monovision patients may need reading glasses for near reading. Blended vision is a similar strategy to mono-vision but involves creating a greater depth of focus through induced wavefront correction. 

Mr Angunawela will guide you with the best treatment for you.