Eye donation saves sight and Moorfields urgently needs more eye donors! Most eye donations to the Moorfields Lions Eye Bank are used for corneal transplants and glaucoma surgery, but a significant amount of tissue is used for research into eye disorders and new treatments. 1 pair of eyes allow surgeons to perform sight saving surgery for up to 10 patients. Eye donation saves sight and also makes research into new treatments possible.

Eye donation is an incredible life enhancing legacy. Unlike other types of tissue donation (heart/kidney/lungs), eyes do not require immune matching and can be donated by anyone up to the age of 85! The first step the changing someones life is to speak to your family and make your wishes known. Registering for Organ Donation is simple.  

Listen to Esther and her story. I remember how excited she was that she was able to find the confidence to use the Underground again after her transplant. Eye donation doesn't just restore sight, it restores lives!