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Why are we different?

Because you'll be seen by your surgeon from your first visit to the last! Very few clinics offer this level of personalised service from your surgeon, who remains responsible for you at all times. Mr Angunawela and Ms De Benito are both highly experienced and award winning consultant laser and corneal transplant surgeons. Both hold research doctorates on laser surgery. Both surgeons are Consultants at Moorfields Eye Hospital which has been trusted for over 200 years and is one of the leading eye hospitals in the world.

Cutting edge laser eye surgery

As one of the world's most renowned eye hospitals, Moorfields Eye Hospital is often at the cutting edge of eye care and offers the most advanced laser eye surgery including LASIK and TransPRK/LASEK using the latest Schwind Amaris 1050RS, Visx S4 with IDesign and Intralase IFS lasers. Wavefront based treatments are used as standard.

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We can treat short-sight, long-sight and astigmatism

The latest laser technology allows treatment of up to -10 dioptres of short-sight (myopia), 6 dioptres of long-sight (hyperopia) and 5 dioptres of astigmatism. 

For people who aren't suitable for laser eye surgery we also perform Visian ICL implantable contact lens and Artisan lens surgery, giving people a greater choice of treatments whilst maintaining safety as a priority.

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Clear pricing and easy payment plans

The clinic offers a simple pricing structure. All treatments are wavefront guided and include the cost of further laser treatments and appointments for two years. You will be seen by your surgeon at all visits. 

We also offer an interest free payment option to allow you to spread the cost of surgery.


Great results and the stringent safety standards

We're dedicated to providing you with the best results and the safest standards of care. Moorfields Eye Hospital is approved by the Care Quality Commission and the highest standards are maintained throughout. Mr Angunawela is one of the few surgeons accredited by the Royal College of Ophthalmologist (RCO) and holds the Certificate of Laser Refractive Surgery. The latest information on laser eye surgery from the RCO can be downloaded.

Reading vision treatments

People with long-sight or those older than 40 will be well aware of the frustration of presbyopia and difficulties with reading vision. 

The clinic offers various treatments for presbyopia including laser monovision and lens replacement surgery using the latest lens implant technology from Zeiss and Physiol FineVision. The most suitable treatment will depend on your prescription and age


10 reasons why we're different

Consultant led eye surgery from day one to perfect vision. If leading consultant surgeons and the worlds leading eye hospital aren't convincing, here's 10 reason why people choose us and recommend us to their families.

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