Options For Enhancing The Results Of Cataract Surgery

If you have had cataract surgery performed elsewhere and have not had a very good result in terms of your post operative unaided vision, and assuming that your vision can be corrected to a normal level with glasses, there are a number of options available to improve your level of vision. 

Assuming that no intraoperative complications occurred during your primary surgery, poor post operative visual acuity is often due to residual refractive error (your glasses prescription) or due to uncorrected astigmatism. Several very good options are available in these cases;


1. Laser vision correction

The excimer laser can be used as in the case of any patient that is long or short sighted to give you excellent unaided vision even if you have had previous cataract surgery. This is the same surgery that is performed for patients who are long or short sighted. For more information on these procedures please read the section about laser eye surgery on this website.

 Laser eye surgery

Laser eye surgery


2. The Duet procedure

In the Duet procedure a second intraocular lens is placed in front of the existing artificial lens to correct any residual astigmatism or need for distance glasses. Careful measurements are made before the surgery to determine the required lens power for your eye. The results of this procedure are excellent and risks of complications are low. Multifocal lenses can also be placed in case you decide later on that you'd like to have as much independence from glasses as possible.

The procedure is also reversible.


3. Lens exchange surgery


It is possible to remove and replace the artificial lens placed during your primary surgery. This is easier to do if the lens exchange is performed soon after your initial surgery. Later on scarring of the lens capsule can occur around the feet of the lens and can make removal more difficult.


4. Add on multifocal lenses

If a previous monofocal lens has been placed at the time of cataract surgery but the patient wishes to improve reading vision it is possible to use an add-on multifocal lens to aid near vision. The multifocal lens is ideally placed in both eyes and may also require YAG laser capsulotomy. The procedure is reversible.