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Evo Visian ICL: An Alternative To Laser Eye Surgery

The Visian Evo Implantable Contact Lens (ICL) is established safe option for correcting vision in patients who prefer an alternative to laser eye surgery or who cannot have laser eye surgery because their prescription is too high or because or other reasons such as dry eye or keratoconus. Short sight, long sight and astigmatism can all be corrected with the Visian ICL lens. Visian ICL surgery is also reversible leaving the eye structurally unchanged.


Visian ICL surgery takes just 10 minutes per eye. The ICL is not visible from the outside of the eye and you will not be able to feel the lens within the eye. The entire procedure is performed under a local anaesthetic and you will be able walk out of the operating room once the surgery is done. We use the latest generation V4C Evo Plus lens with Aquaport for the safest possible surgery.

The Evo Visian ICL surgery is safe and predictable, but like any sort of surgery carries a small risk of complications. The risk of a serious infection within the eye is small (1/5000). In some cases the ICL may need to be exchanged if it does not fit well once it is in the eye (1%). A small percentage of patients may also develop cataract or high pressure after surgery- this is rare. As with any surgical procedure these risks are reduced by picking an experienced consultant surgeon. 

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