Who can have ICL Surgery?

Patients between the age of 21-55 who have healthy eyes and sufficient space for ICL insertion.

Proven track record

Over 20 years of research and development has made the Evo Visian ICL a leader in phakic IOL technology. There have been over 500,000 Evo Visian ICL implants performed worldwide. And when asked about the procedure, over 99% of the patients were highly satisfied.

Wide treatment range

The Visian ICL has proven to be effective in patients within a wide range of refractive errors. In fact, the Visian ICL can correct myopia from as low as -3.0 diopters to -16.0 diopters and reduce myopia from -16.0 diopters up to as high as -20.0 diopters with or without astigmatism. Before now, some of these individuals were not candidates for surgical vision correction. Clinical studies have shown how the Visian ICL is truly a breakthrough myopia treatment in terms of vision correction results. Because implantation of the phakic IOL does not require any structural alteration of the eye, results are predictable, very stable and reversible. 

The best option for people who can't have laser eye surgery - dry eye, keratoconus

The Evo Visian ICL is ideal for people who can't or shouldn't have laser eye surgery due to dry eye or keratoconus. This includes people with Sjogren's syndrome. People with keratoconus are suitable and will achieve the same level of vision as they do with glasses. The ICL can also be used after a corneal transplant to correct vision internally.